5 Interesting Facts Why Adhesives and Sealants Continue To Dominate the Market

So long as things need to be built and maintained, there will always be a need for sealants and adhesives manufactured by reputable companies such as Pioneer Adhesives. This fact is not just true in construction but rather as we live our daily lives. Because things continue to break down, and there will always be a need to build, adhesives and sealants would always be a requirement. However, these two vital construction element has something to offer beyond what their name implies.

Narrowing down the myriad of applications for sealants and adhesives, we have their most basic use, which is joining and weatherproofing. Using specialized adhesives in construction and industrial projects will allow workmen to completely bypass the use of screws or nails. Sealants, on the other hand, can act both as adhesives and as a way to block or limit the exposure to the elements.

Being mindful of these two major applications, there a lot of uses and circumstances where adhesives and sealants play a major role in the quality of life that we live in today. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting ways these two important construction elements make an impact on our lives.

Energy consumption

Besides keeping ourselves warm in the winter months or comfortably cool in the summertime, properly sealing a home with the use of specialized materials that seal in an area from the ravages of nature directly translates to enormous savings in energy consumption whether the place is a home or a commercial building. Without proper sealant applications, it would take more power to either heat or cool down a home or a building.

Properly bonding insulation materials, as well as the use of foam sealants, are critical in making sure that a building is running as efficiently as possible. This efficiency is reflected in lower monthly power bills, especially in homes that are subjected to weather extremes.

Structural strength

When wood or steel are bonded together in addition to traditional methods like screws and nails, the additional bond that is chemically induced greatly adds to the tensile strength of the materials. In the case of wooden structures, it also prevents corrosion if not eliminated altogether. Using adhesives aside from traditional bolts, nails, or screws ensure that the structure is actually flexible enough to have a bit of giving during stress, preventing damage that may result from rigidity.

Contributes to the longevity of construction materials

Eliminates corrosion that comes from metal to metal contact. Adhesives act as insulators for mechanical fasteners giving them more resistance to damage that comes from moving beyond their tolerance, such as earthquake damage. It is not just in construction, but on other manufacturing processes as well, such as automotive manufacturing and in making appliances for the home. Sealants are especially effective in keeping out moisture and humidity, all great enemies of structures made of metal.

Allows for thermal changes in size

Contraction and expansion of material are experienced with changes in thermal conditions and can cause damage over time. Sealants, with their elastic consistency, can adjust to either of these conditions. Temperature change is constant and only these kinds of sealants can make any material withstand the stresses of these variances.

Provides a hermetically sealed environment

This encompasses the construction and manufacturing industry, where waterproof sealants are widely used to ensure buildings, homes, cars, ships, and various items that need a tight seal are addressed. Keeping out smoke, harmful UV light, controlling mold, and mildew are just a few examples where a sealed environment will provide benefits to construction.

The above mentions why the adhesives and sealants barely scratch the surface of the full range of their applications. From these facts alone, it is clear that these products will remain a crucial component in these industries and thus, will continue to dominate any market they are included in.

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