pioneer tile adhesive

Here’s How You Can Get Professional Tiling Results

pioneer tile adhesive

There’s no denying the versatility of tiles as a building material. It’s not only available in different types and sizes, you can also use tiles as flooring, roofing, partition, and even on your walls. If you need to add a little pizzazz in an empty corner, a mosaic or cement tile can double as décor, too.

As flexible as it is, you won’t be able to fully maximize the aesthetic impact of tiles if it’s not installed properly. Doing it haphazardly and without the right tools increase the risk of dealing with kapak or the hollow sound you hear when you tap on tiles. This hollow sound means there are air pockets underneath the tile, which happens when the tile adhesive and cement weren’t applied well.

Aside from avoiding kapak and using the right essentials when installing tiles, how else can you achieve tiling that wows? Here are a few tips to remember:

Invest in quality tiles

Since tiling requires meticulous installation, it’s important that you work with quality tiles purchased from reliable manufacturers to begin with. Though pricey, you’re assured that each piece is well-made. According to an article on The Spruce, do check tile specifications so you are aware of its strength.

Follow symmetry when laying out tiles

Anything that follows symmetry or uniformity is more pleasing to the eyes – and this very well applies to installing tiles. As much as possible, choose tiles in the same size to avoid an unbalanced final look.

Use the right installation materials

The secret to long-lasting tiles is proper installation – after all, you don’t want pieces becoming loose after some time. The trick is to use a heavy-duty tile adhesive. If you’re looking for one, Pioneer Pro Tile Adhesive is an ideal choice that’s guaranteed to deliver professional-looking and an excellent finish. It combines cement with select grades of sand and several admixtures to create a single component, pre-packed tiling adhesive mortar.

Working within a budget? It’s economical and easy to prepare and apply. The big plus? Pioneer Pro Tile Adhesive can be used for interior and exterior applications, as well as horizontal and vertical applications using small to medium-sized tiles.

Don’t forget the grout

The grout does more than just fill in the gaps between tiles. You can use it creatively to double the impact of your tiles. For a seamless look, you can pick a grout color that matches that of your tiles. To create contrast that highlights the beauty of your tile, you can go for a dark grout to match a light-colored tile and vice-versa.

As with any other crucial construction step, the materials you use are important in making sure you deliver long-lasting results. Match quality tiles with Pioneer Pro Tile Adhesive for a tiling job that’s guaranteed to stick for years. Remember, retiling can be time-consuming and costly. Make the right first step and achieve a project that wows.
pioneer tile adhesive

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